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Presentation Catering

We Specialize In The Art Of Garde Manger

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The Best Is Yet To Come!!!


       Presentation Catering specializes in the Art of Garde Manger. Our goal is to present food displays with culinary showmanship and VIP Service. Executive Chef Melvin J. Rivers will provide you with the necessary information, menu and experience to make your function an "Affair To Remember."




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       Corporate Functions are always welcomed. We know how important Business Meetings are. You have a limited amount of time to eat, but you want to enjoy the experience. We promise to provide the best service, on a timely basis, and always anticipate that you may decide to eat earlier than planned.




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        We are a Full Service Catering Company. Our Event Planners will create a Culinary menu reflective of your desired appetite. We also have International, Regional and Domestic menus to enhance the total experience.



Intimate Settings

Presentation Catering
Phone 310-717-1178

       Weddings are always a pleasure for us at Presentation Catering. We know how special this occasion is for you. We would love to be a part of it. If you desire an Ice Sculpture or Culinary Showpiece, it's not a problem. Our Executive Chef has been featured on several well known television morning shows illustrating the presentation of Culinary Art. He is dedicated to providing your guests with a culinary experience that will make a lasting impression for years to come....


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A Celebration In Itself.......



       Our goal is to present your menu with Culinary Art and Taste. Executive Chef Melvin J. Rivers promises to captivate your guests with color and seasonings which will tantalize their tongue. We use the finest ingredients to insure the best Culinary experience possible. The entire menu and presentation is the culmination of over 33 years of experience.


Phone 310-717-1178







    We Specialize In The

     Art of Garde Manger








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